LC/MS method validation

During the recent years liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC/MS) has evolved from a scientific curiosity into a routinely applied technique finding increasingly more use in routine field laboratories. The ability to work with LC/MS as well as develop and validate an LC/MS method is required to enter the work field. We are participating in delivering a massive open online course (MOOC) exactly on the field! This course covers all fundamental aspects of method validations from planning the validation down to evaluation of each validation parameter. The course contains numerous real-life examples together with practical examples from laboratory and data treatment.

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Data Analysis in Analytical Chemistry

Statistics is a set of powerful tools to make sense of numerical data. We use statistics in our everyday research and teach it also to students. We have prepared the course at two levels. The first one presents general methods of statistics and chemometrics; for example, hypothesis testing, correlation and regression analysis, analysis of variance, etc. In the second course we focus on data science: principal component analysis (PCA), partial least square regression (PLS), cluster analyses, etc. Also, in both courses, the practical application of statistical methods in chemistry is practiced.

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