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A warm welcome to our new group members Alice and Lucas

This week we want to welcome two new students to Kruvelab: Alice Kollmitz and Lucas Ferrando Plo. Originally from Spain, Lucas recently finished his MSc degree in Germany. His objective was to elucidate the origin of anthraquinone residues in the leaves of English walnut tree (Juglans regia). In our group, he is the first of […]

Welcome to Kruvelab, Lena and Ida!

We’re excited to introduce Lena Aisch and Ida Rahu, our latest additions to the group. Lena recently joined us for her MSc thesis, focusing on interpretable machine learning for the detection of toxic chemicals in non-targeted LC/HRMS. Lena came to Sweden for the master’s programme in analytical chemistry at Stockholm University, and we are thrilled […]

Welcome Henrik!

This month we were able to welcome our new post-doc Henrik to our group. Recently, Henrik successfully defended his PhD thesis about noncovalent interactions to construct supramolecular switches at Freie Universität Berlin. Here, his work will focus on the design of sustainable derivatization reagents for pesticide detection with LC/HRMS. A machine learning algorithm will be […]