Welcome to Kruvelab, Lena and Ida!

We’re excited to introduce Lena Aisch and Ida Rahu, our latest additions to the group.

Lena recently joined us for her MSc thesis, focusing on interpretable machine learning for the detection of toxic chemicals in non-targeted LC/HRMS. Lena came to Sweden for the master’s programme in analytical chemistry at Stockholm University, and we are thrilled that she want to do her thesis work with us. In her MSc thesis, she will also collaborate with Isak Samsten from DSV.

Ida, with a background in sustainable organic chemistry and toxicity predictions, holds a PhD in chemistry and a MSc in data science, both obtained from University of Tartu. During her MSc thesis, on the topic of toxicity predictions, she remotely joined our group. Now, we can welcome Ida as she has joined our group here in Stockholm in person for a post-doc position. Her research will be focusing on retention time prediction models for chemicals in recycled materials, to aid their identification and assess the combined toxicity of the sample.

Lena and Ida, we hope you both will have a wonderful time with us, and we are eager to see the results and insights your research will bring.  To both of you, welcome to Kruvelab!