WISE Dialogue 2024

On 14th/15th of March 2024 the WISE Dialogue conference took place in Göteborg in the Clarion Hotel Post, the old post office of the city. After the last conference in August 2023, the Wallenberg initiative Material Science for Sustainability again gathered material and analytical scientists from all over Sweden to initiate collaborations and exchange ideas. In the WISE materials initiative a broad range of environmentally relevant chemistry is covered: from the functionalisation of lignin to research on solar cell materials and improved electrocatalytic production of hydrogenperoxide. Industry representatives from Tetrapack and Volvo presented their company’s strategies for changing material design and concept. On the second day of the conference, Peter Wallenberg, introduced the work of the Wallenberg family and their initiative in swedish research.

During the poster session, Anneli and I, could present our research on retention time prediction based selection of candidate structures obtained from wastewater samples and plans on developing filter systems for wastewater together with Aji Mathew from Stockholm University, who is also involved in the WISE materials initiative.

Once more the WISE conference became an opportunity to locate the indiviudal research in a bigger picture, opening up the debate to strategic discussions and sparking new chemical curiosity. Stort tack till WISE kommittén and all the people organising this event!