Anneli is in the Power List 2018 of the Analytical Scientist

Yesterday, the Analytical Scientist published the Top 40 Under 40 Power List to celebrate the gifted and successful young scientists in analytical science. I am very happy to be chosen to this list together with 39 outstanding scientists. I am very grateful for all of the people I have collaborated and worked together with; this honour is definitely to be shared with you! Especially, I have been super lucky to already have so many talented and determined students!

Early inspiration
“I got started in organic synthesis but quickly joined a biomedical lab that needed students to operate an HPLC. From there, moving to LC/MS was a natural step. The ability to incorporate various skills from IT to synthesis with mass spectrometry-based research has kept me motivated to stay on this path.”

“My field is structural and quantitative characterization of compounds with LC/ESI/IMS/MS. A key focus of mine is developing the possibility of giving a quantitative context to non-target LC/HRMS data without the need for standard substances.”

Greatest achievement
“I have already seen many students moving from our lab to the workforce and receiving positive feedback from their employers – that definitely makes a former supervisor happy!”

“Mass spectrometry has already changed almost everything; its impact will increase further, as we make non-target screening more efficient with effective algorithms, and make it quantitative. I also have a dream technique: I sometimes wonder what the world would look like with MS-(gas phase)NMR . . .”