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EcoBalt 2023

The 23rd biennial International Conference EcoBalt 2023 was held in Tallinn this year. The conference drew together researchers from various fields of chemistry, from toxicologists to materials scientists, focusing on chemicals and the environment. The topics covered methods for detecting and understanding contamination as well as potential solutions to deal with the pollution. As a person […]

MS2Quant: Estimate the Concentration of Detected Chemicals from MS2 Data

Non-targeted screening is helping us to discover the complex chemical space of environmental samples. Due to the large number of detected chemicals, prioritization is necessary to direct focus on chemicals posing a risk to biota and humans. Commonly, key information for risk assessment is the exposure to the respective chemical. Unfortunately, the detected signal intensity is poorly […]

NorthTox 2023

This April, the first–ever conference for Nordic toxicologists – NorthTox was held to create and strengthen the toxicology community and encourage interactions and collaborations between people with similar research aims. The conference focused on the current situation and challenges of ecotoxicology while introducing new strategies for dealing with the issues to create a sustainable society.  […]