MOOC on LC-MS method validation

Already in last spring when we were writing the tutorial review on LC/MS method validation, Ivo introduced us the idea of making a MOOC (massive open online course) on the same topic. By that time he had launched the first MOOC of our institute that has had hundreds of students so far, on such complex topic as measurement uncertainty.

In summer we started putting some first ideas on the “LC-MS validation course” to the paper and in autumn we started doing some first videos for clearing our ideas. By now we have been to the studio several times already and have a significant amount of course videos ready. We will cover all important aspects of method validation in the course: Trueness, Precision, Accuracy, Linearity, LoD and LoQ, Selectivity, Robustness etc. You are all welcome to post ideas or topics of specific interest!

So we are anxiously waiting for the course to be ready by the end of spring and to launch it in September.