Sporty chemists

Most certainly the event of the week has been the Tartu city marathon and more precisely the competition between labs held during this marathon. Our students organized a competition “which lab has the highest participation rate on the city marathon”.

The “event” for our institute actually started even a lot earlier as several people not running on everyday basis started practicing together after the work-school days.

As the race was held on 3 distances 42, 21 and 10 km there was something for everyone. Altogether 57 people from Chemistry Institute took part in this event. Including professors, scientists, and students.

It was quite nice to have that many friends on the track and by the track! Though I had not planned to make another half marathon this year, the lab competition brought me to the track and it certainly was a good choice. The weather was awesome and running together with friends was a lot better than I had expected. I was even able to improve my personal best.