Welcome Sam, Theodor and Iris to Kruvelab

As we step into the new year, we warmly welcome both familiar and fresh faces to our group. 

Returning for a second time, we have Sam and Theodor, both of whom previously completed internships in our group and are now doing their BSc theses. Sam and Theodor will collaboratively be working on our very special cyclic ion mobility time of flight mass spectrometer (cyclic-IMS) that can be coupled with either liquid (LC) and gas chromatography (GC). Sam will focus on nontarget screening with LC and Theodor on GC, with the aim of evaluating the complementarity of the results in the end. 

Iris is working on her MSc thesis, focusing on predicting the ionization efficiency of APGC-MS detectable compounds. Iris will be working with Xiaodi Shi to implement APGC-MS data acquisition. The ionization efficiency values of the compounds and the necessary information would be extracted from the raw data to train a machine learning model. The validation of the model performance will also be practiced with real wastewater samples. As the GC-MS data is the unexplored area of our group, we are excited about working with Iris and looking forward to the results.

Welcome all!