26. Norsk Symposium i Kromatografi

From the 21st to the 23rd of January Amina and Anneli attended the 26th Norsk Kromatografisymposiet, where Amina also presented her most recent research on evaluating the limit of detection for non-target LC/HRMS. Norsk Symposium i Kromatografi (Norwegian Chromatography Symobosium) takes place every two years in the Sandefjord, which is about 1.5 h drive from Oslo.

For Amina, this was the first time to participate in the Norsk Kromatografisymposiet: ” Attending the chromatography symposium in Norway was such a nice experience. I had the chance to listen to many interesting and inspiring talks on the diverse applications and use of chromatography across various fields from studying environmental exposure to discovery in natural products. Additionally, I had the opportunity to share my recent findings on estimating Limits of Detection (LoD) from ionization efficiency values for reporting and harmonization of amenable chemical space in non-targeted LC/ESI/HRMS analysis. This event was also a great opportunity to visit Sandefjord and experience Norway for the first time.”


Anneli had participated in the symposium also four years ago so it was a great opportunity to see new developments in the Norwegian Chromatography community. In addition to local chromatography experts, the symposium also always invites well-selected international experts featuring topics like proteomics, metabolomics, environmental analysis, but also fundamentally new instrument developments. Furthermore, it was nice to see the new developments on the frontline of commercial instruments.