Applying for Marie Curie fellowship: my proposal submitted

Yesterday I submitted my proposal for becoming a Marie Sklodowska-Curie fellow. So if everything goes as hoped I will be collaborating with Prof. Christoph Schalley group in Free University of Berlin from the next schoolyear. My project there will be about supramolecular chemistry, more precisely on rotaxanes and molecular machines based on rotaxanes. It will introduce […]

Optimizing or troubleshooting LC?

Today I would like to introduce you to two books that I find very valuable and that can be freely downloaded from the internet. The “Five keys to successful LC methods” and “Controlling selectivity in reversed-phase LC” are collections of articles published in LC/GC in the section “LC Troubleshooting” by John W. Dolan. It’s useful […]

For practitioners: do you need weighted linear regression?

In my statistics course, similarly to I guess all other teachers concerned in calibration, I teach that for instrumental analyses weighted linear regression should be used. Why? Non-weighted linear regression (the one we can use with LINEST, SLOPE and INTERCEPT in excel) assumes same signal precision (repeatability standard deviation in other words) for all concentrations […]

Up-to-date analytical methods introduced to school children in 47th International Chemistry Olympiad in Baku, Azerbaijan

From 20th to 29th of July 47th International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) was held in Baku, Azerbaijan. All together 290 form 75 countries solved 3 practical and 8 theoretical tasks. This Olympiad was definitely one of the hardest in IChO history, most probably being hard to solve for a masters student not only for high school […]