Motivation day!

Students I supervised last school year gave me a rafting trip as a present with them for my birthday in May and on this Friday we went to Võhandu river for this trip. Altogether we passed 20 km containing both quite slow flow parts but also some cascades. Slow parts, though not that adventures, taught us some practical team work.

Mari, Me, Asko, Hanno and Piia (Jaanus is taking the picture).
In the end of the day we had a very nice grill and sauna at Mari’s place. For some strange reason we had agreed with Jaanus for a challenge in plank which ended up with everyone planking and finding out their best. Now we agreed to do it again on autumn seminar with the aim of improving personal best.
Hanno, Asko, Jaanus, Piia, Me and Mari.

It was a great day, thank you! Already looking for a next motivation day!